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Why Is The Asian Side Of Istanbul A Great Place For Real Estate Investments?

Istanbul is a fantastic place to live, offering the perfect blend of heritage and opulence. With stunning views and opulent houses, it is one of Turkey's most attractive cities.

Istanbul has become one of the most popular real estate investment destinations in the world. Investors are in frequent contact with the top real estate agents in Turkey.

There are two parts of Istanbul– the Asian and the European. Each side has an ample number of real investment opportunities with unique qualities and perks. In this blog, we'll look at some of the best real estate investment opportunities on Istanbul's Asian side.

Best Locations For Real Estate Investments In the Asian Side Of Istanbul

Turkey is a stunning country that is well worth investing in. On the European side of Istanbul, there are so many attractions to see that visitors are frequently baffled.

Let's have a look at different locations and how can real estate companies in Istanbul like Rea-Turkey help you find your dream property.

1. Kadikoy District

A well-established area in Asia, where historic structures and modern advancements coexist together. This area's apartments are quite modern yet have a hint of tradition too. There are also public transit options for getting to the city center.

2. Beykoz

Beykoz is another suburb that is on the gorgeous Bosphorus's doorstep. Beykoz is a great green space where you can relax and enjoy the wonderful view of the shoreline.

Despite the abundance of green spaces in the district, the transportation infrastructure is nevertheless impressive.

 It is usually simple to travel to other nearby areas or municipalities. The return on investment is also incredible here. People always connect with real estate companies in Istanbul  to find their dream properties.

3. Maltepe

Maltepe is known as a place that is a paradise for families. It has social facilities such as shopping malls, family entertainment venues, and well-developed transportation systems.

Investors are interested in a number of projects in this area. Rea-Turkey is a great real estate company in Istanbul, and they can assist you in finding your ideal home. 

4. Kartal

Between Maltepe and Pendik, the Kartal District is located on Istanbul's Asian side. Kartal, like Maltepe, has a long coast that overlooks the famed Princess Islands.

Several restaurants and cafes in the vicinity provide excellent opportunities for mingling while sampling well-known Turkish and international food.

Many Luxury apartment complexes have been built on the coast, along with much more housing inland and this has attracted more shops and infrastructure.

Investing in Kartal will definitely fetch a fantastic return on investment and help you with long-term gains.

When It Comes To Investing In Turkey, Why Should The Asian Side Of Istanbul Be Your Choice?

The first and most important reason is the strong ties that exist between the UAE and Turkey, as well as the commitment made by Dubai's President, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, to invest $11 billion in the Turkish economy.

Furthermore, investing in real estate in Turkey will yield tremendous returns as well as the potential to become a Turkish citizen in the future. Get in touch with Rea-Turkey which is one of the top real estate agents in Turkey.

Visit our website Rea-Turkey  today to explore and grab the best real estate properties in Turkey now.

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