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Top Places Where You Can Buy Homes In Istanbul

If you are already familiar with the city, you may be aware of the best places where you can buy homes in Istanbul, whether it be for a primary residence or a vacation home. International businessmen and tourists who want to learn more about Istanbul, however, frequently aren't sure which district is best for them.

As the largest city in Turkey, real estate investors are interested in learning which locations offer the greatest potential for capital growth, as well as prices per square meter and recent market trends. Istanbul is a huge city, so we must look at the neighborhoods that are driving the property market there.

Istanbul divides into the European and Asian sections, which are located on either side of the Bosphorus, and spans the northern and southern regions of Turkey. Off the Asian coast, there lies a collection of islands known as the Princes.

This Is Where You Can Buy Homes In Istanbul

The real estate market in Istanbul is still being revitalized by new construction projects. The majority of these are located along the Bahcesehir-Basaksehir and Basin Express route, which connects the new Istanbul airport to the city's central business districts.

Real estate investors have been attracted to the area because, according to experts, they offer a competitive return on investment for the short term when compared to other areas. Let us now see some awesome places where you can buy homes in Istanbul.

Best For Tourism-Fatih District

The Fatih district is the most well-liked according to tourism statistics. Given that it is home to numerous famous historical structures including the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and Topkapi Palace, this is logical. Anyone searching for a buy-to-let income from short-term vacation rentals should take this region into consideration.

Best For Business-Levent

Istanbul is a success due in large part to tourism, but it is also a center for commerce, banking, and the economy. Levent, Maslak, and Esenyurt are a few specific districts that stand out as hotspots for investors looking to buy homes and commercial properties in Istanbul.

Cheapest City- Esenyurt

Esenyurt, located between Kucukcekmece and Buyukcekmece on the fringes of European Istanbul, is the least expensive neighborhood. The fact that it is an inland location means that it is less expensive than residences with beach or sea views. Esenyurt is undergoing extensive development for off-plan and newly constructed residences, and it has a lot to offer for purchasers on a tight budget.

  • Besiktas

Families use it for the residential environment along the European Bosphorus coastlines while working professionals prefer it for the Levent business area.

Because it has everything you could possibly need, including a first-rate transit system, retail outlets, and thriving nightlife, Besiktas is the best area where you can buy land in Istanbul.

Contacting the top real estate firm in Istanbul, such as Rea Turkey, will undoubtedly provide you with a competitive advantage.

  • Beylikduzu

If you wish to live by the sea, Beylikduzu is a good option where you can buy land in Istanbul; investors are drawn to it because of its recent development and potential for capital growth.

Beylikduzu has done a great job of maintaining open spaces, therefore it has avoided the effects of the concrete jungle that other cities have experienced.

Gurpinar invites guests wishing to unwind with a view of the sea on the weekends. It is an investor's favorite location to purchase land in Istanbul due to the favorable return on investment.

Trust Rea Turkey When Looking To Buy Homes In Istanbul

One of the finest real estate firms in Turkey, Rea-Turkey, has assisted buyers from around the world in discovering their ideal properties in Turkey. We ensure that everything, including the paperwork and legal procedures, is handled properly.

Following your real estate investment in this country, you can also apply for Turkish citizenship. Within six months of your application, we'll assist you in obtaining citizenship. In order to begin your real estate investment experience connect with us today!

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