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Is It A Good Time To Buy Houses For Sale In Turkey?

Recently, the most searched question related to real estate is “Is it a good time to buy real estate and  houses for sale in Turkey?” We respond that if you are thinking about mid- to long-term ownership, now is always an incredible moment.

This is due to Turkey's tardiness in remodeling and updating its real estate market from the disintegrating structures of the twentieth century. As a result, new construction takes center stage in many locations, and local governments spend extensively on infrastructure and transportation linkages.

As a result, anyone who plans to maintain their property and buy houses for sale in Turkey for at least five to 10 years should expect substantial capital growth. Recent advances, on the other hand, have drawn more keen purchasers searching for a real estate investment in Turkey.

Let's look at those changes, how many foreigners purchased property in Turkey last year, and what you need to know if you want to invest in Turkish real estate.

Foreigners Showing Interest In Buying Houses For Sale In Turkey

7363 foreigners purchased villas or flats in November 2021. When compared to the previous year, when 4962 residences were acquired by foreigners, the considerable increase is clear.

Nationalities ranged from the Middle East to Europe to Asia. This resulted in the creation of billions of dollars in foreign money. In fact, in the eleven months running up to November, Turkey earned more than 8.5 billion USD from overseas home sales.

Turkish Citizenship Through Real Estate Investing

The Turkish citizenship by investment program is another factor attracting real estate investors to Turkey. Buyers pay $250,000 in real estate in Turkey and commit to staying for at least three years as part of one of the world's cheapest and easiest golden visa schemes.

Furthermore, each application applies to the home buyer, spouse, and dependents, including potential children. As a consequence, when comparing the citizenship real estate program with other nations, Turkey comes out on top.

What To Look For When Looking To Buy Houses For Sale In Turkey?

Local Developments- Areas that show greater promise than others aggressively invest in their communities, whether it be commerce, nightlife, transportation, or social areas.

Mediterranean Alanya is one such place that reinvests year after year in order to expand its tourism sector. Furthermore, as speculation about the Istanbul Canal continues, European outskirt neighborhoods in Istanbul draw international real estate investors.

Liquidity: Because of their high liquidity, Turkey's large cities and southern and western beaches appear to be more attractive than others.

Certain shoreline regions benefit from both Turkish and international buyer interest.

If you want to turn your real estate investment into cash, research local markets to determine how quickly and at what price properties sell.

Off-plan Constructions- Certain government-backed buildings in Istanbul provide assurances as well as reduced rates. Furthermore, staged payment plans, some of which span five years, provide 0% interest in return for cash deposits. These structures promote real estate investment and are popular among buyers wishing to rent out their houses. 

Buy Spectacular Houses For Sale In Turkey With Rea Turkey

We hope we were able to answer your question about whether it is a good time to purchase a house for sale in Turkey. Contact Rea Turkey instantly to set up times and dates for visiting homes or to chat with real estate specialists about investing in Turkish property.

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