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3 Most Popular Places To Buy Land In Istanbul According To Investors

If you are already familiar with the city, you may know where to buy land in Istanbul for a permanent residence or a holiday home. International entrepreneurs and visitors interested in learning more about Istanbul, on the other hand, usually need clarification about which area is ideal for them.

Real estate investors in Turkey's largest metropolis want to know which regions offer the highest potential for capital development, prices per square meter, and current market trends. Because Istanbul is such a huge city, we must examine the neighborhoods that are driving the real estate market and causing investors to buy land in Istanbul.

3 Prominent Areas To Buy Land In Istanbul

New development projects are reviving Istanbul's real estate market. Most of them are located along the Bahcesehir-Basaksehir and Basin Express route, which connects Istanbul's new airport with the city's key business areas.

Real estate investors, according to analysts, have been driven to the area because it offers a competitive short-term return on investment when compared to other places.

Let's look at some great spots to buy land in Istanbul.

1. Zeytinburnu

The Zeytinburnu neighborhood on Istanbul's European side is well-known among expats. The neighborhood has received great fame and appreciation, and its exceedingly opulent projects with direct views of the Marmara Sea have bewitched people.

We highlighted in a recent article that Zeytinburnu is one of the best neighborhoods in Istanbul to buy land since supply is restricted and demand is strong. As a result, it has been designated as a promising and distinct investment region, with various buildings giving direct views of the Marmara Sea and luxurious, smart, and large apartments.

2. Beyoglu

The Beyoglu area is recognized as Istanbul's historical heart and an investment center par excellence since it has numerous prominent tourist sites such as Taksim Square, Istiklal Street, and Galata Tower, which is the primary destination for investors.

Furthermore, the Beyoglu neighborhood is defined by its proximity to the Bosphorus, and the infrastructure in the region is ancient and original since it contains Taksim's world's oldest subway after the London Metro. This makes it a tempting place to buy land in Istanbul

3. Kagithane

The Kagithane district is distinguished by its proximity to Istanbul's center, and it is of investment importance and buyer desire because it is the most affordable alternative to the city's center, and the investor can achieve monthly and annual returns if the property has the elements of a profitable investment.

Kagithane district is a newly developed area that is being reconstructed to match its neighboring luxury areas such as Sisli and Maslak, and the infrastructure, as well as the transportation network, metro lines, and tunnels, are being developed in the area, so the area is expected to have a promising future.

Trust Rea Turkey To Buy The Best Land In Istanbul

Rea-Turkey, one of Turkey's top real estate agencies, has assisted purchasers from all over the world in finding their dream houses in Turkey. Everything, including paperwork and legal procedures, is handled quickly by us.

After making a real estate investment in Turkey, you can apply for Turkish citizenship. We will help you gain citizenship within six months of submitting your application. Contact us today to get started on your real estate investing journey!

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