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3 Areas Where People Are Eager To Buy Apartments In Istanbul

If you are already familiar with the area, you could know where to buy land in Istanbul for a year-round residence or a holiday home. On the other hand, foreign businessmen and visitors who are interested to buy apartments in Istanbul frequently seek clarification regarding which area is appropriate for them. 

The largest metropolitan area in Turkey is interested in learning about market trends, price per square meter, and which regions have the most potential for capital growth. Due to Istanbul's size, it is important to consider the regions that are impacting the real estate market and tempting investors to buy apartments in Istanbul.

3 Prominent Areas To Buy Apartments In Istanbul

Istanbul's real estate market is booming as a result of new construction efforts. Most of them are located along the Bahcesehir-Basaksehir and Basin Express route that connects Istanbul's major business areas with the city's newest airport. 

According to analysts, the area has drawn real estate investors because, when compared to other places, it offers a competitive short-term return on investment. Here are some great areas to buy apartments in Istanbul.

1. Kagithane

The Kagithane neighborhood distinguishes out for its proximity to Istanbul's center as the least expensive alternative. The investor can anticipate receiving monthly and annual returns if the property has the potential to be a successful investment. 
The Kagithane district, a freshly created suburb, is being restored to blend in with the wealthier communities like Sisli and Maslak that surround it. The region is projected to have a bright future because the infrastructure, as well as the transportation network, metro lines, and tunnels, are being created in the area.

2. Beyoglu

The Beyoglu neighbourhood is considered Istanbul's historical heart and a premier investment hub due to its plethora of well-known tourist attractions, including Taksim Square, Istiklal Street, and Galata Tower, which is the main attraction for investors. 
The Beyoglu neighbourhood is also notable for being close to the Bosphorus, and Taksim is home to the second-oldest underground system in the world, behind the London Metro, which accounts for the area's original and ancient infrastructure. This makes Buy lands in İstanbul alluring.

3. Zeytinburnu

The Zeytinburnu district is well-known among tourists and is located on Istanbul's European side. The region has received a great deal of notoriety and awe, and its incredibly opulent projects with unhindered views of the Marmara Sea have mesmerized tourists. 

Due to the low supply and high demand, Zeytinburnu was highlighted as one of the greatest neighborhoods to buy apartments in Istanbul in a recent article. Due to the presence of several buildings that provide direct views of the Marmara Sea as well as opulent, fashionable, and roomy flats, it has been known as a promising and distinctive investment region.

Looking to buy apartments in Istanbul? Trust Rea Turkey

Buyers from all over the world have found their dream houses with the assistance of Rea-Turkey, one of the leading real estate agencies in Turkey. Everything, including the legal procedures and paperwork, is handled by us. 

After making a real estate investment in Turkey, you can apply for Turkish citizenship. We'll help you become a citizen within six months of submitting your application. Get in touch with us right away to start your real estate investing experience!

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